Furniture for pharmacies

Thank you for your interest in our services. We produce furniture for retail pharmacy and an optician for over 14 years. During this time, our partners and friends become more than 300 companies in Russia and CIS. Every year, "Tandem-West" offers new service packages and custom solutions for pharmacy equipment and optics. We are proud that these ideas work well in the Russian pharmaceutical market. We are pleased to work with you and for you!

Pharmacy equipment – About our services

The company "Tandem-West offers design design and development of corporate identity, and also produces furniture for drugstores and optics, window dressing. Special offer - a chemist's furniture department of children's goods, department diagnosis of skin and others. If you want to stand out among its competitors to become memorable and favorite place for your clients, we are happy to help. We do not just produce furniture for drugstores and optics, we develop a detailed design project, creating a style, produce a unique selling equipment to pharmacies and optics of any material, including an array of glass, metal, etc. We work in different styles. This makes the pharmacy and optics, equipped with our help - the exclusive, functional and memorable.

Furniture catalogue for pharmacies and optical stores

Новый каталог "Мебель для аптек и оптики 2012" Вы можете заказать уже сейчас. Помимо подробной информации об аптечной мебели и мебели для оптики, в него вошли фотографии новых проектов, информация об аптечных шкафах "Huwil", информация по промо-стойкам и стойкам диагностики кожи. Заказать каталог оборудования для аптек можно по тел: +7 (495) 417 02 24 или связаться с нашими менеджерами.

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